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Intellectual Property Disclosure and Assignment Form

You should submit an invention disclosure form for all inventions, regardless of the source of funding. Completed disclosures should be sent to:

Office of Technology Transfer
886 Chestnut Ridge Road
P.O. Box 6224
Morgantown, WV 26506-6224

Agreement Forms

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

As a researcher at the University, you need an NDA when you would like to share your intellectual property or you are approached by an outside party to receive or share intellectual property. An NDA will be needed when working with non-WVU collaborators, companies, grants with NDA stipulations and any other party with who intellectual property may be disclosed or received during discussions.

Material Transfer Agreements

An MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) is needed when there is an exchange of materials to or from WVU with an outside party.

Inter-Institutional Agreements

An IIA (Inter-Institutional Agreement) is needed when there is a collaboration effort between WVU and an outside company or University.


Any changes made to the agreement forms must be approved by the OTT. If any change is desired, please send a marked up file to

Execution of all NDAs, MTAs, and IIAs require a signature by an official authorized to sign for WVU/WVURC.