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Researchers participate in the technology transfer process for a variety of reasons. For some, it is personally satisfying and rewarding to bring a product or service to market. Others are motivated by making society a better place to live. Some want to achieve recognition and financial rewards, while others enjoy generating additional lab or department funding. If you are a University researcher, scholar, or student with an invention to disclose, we can walk you through the process and answer your questions.

For further information about Technology Transfer, see this About Technology Transfer video provided by AUTM .

Our process:

  • Complete Invention Disclosure Form
  • Disclosure is reviewed and assigned a WVU Internal number with an assigned case manager
  • Office of Technology Transfer reviews the technology/research and considers marketing potential based on progress of development
  • A market analysis is completed with IP protection
  • A market fit is determined: the assessment may find the technology is not yet ready and placed on hold or the preliminary measure of market potential does not pan out in the detailed assessment
  • Assessment data can be used in preparing a patent application if timely and necessary
  • With technology development, the Office of Technology Transfer assists in seeking an industry partner interested in the new technology
  • Marketing the technology will create a list of licensing prospects
  • Commercialization planning and Collaborative agreement
  • Licensing negotiations begin with new IP
  • Product/services are launched into the market