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Available Technology

There are hundreds of innovations received from WVU’s renowned faculty that we shepherd from the lab bench into the hands of a commercial partner.

Working with industry the office assesses research for potential commercial success, seeks partners who can benefit from the new technology, and develops critical relationships that make the process beneficial to all.

Following technologies are available for licensing. To discuss licensing opportunities, please contact us at

Unlicensed Technology
Tech ID Title Application Status Publication No. Patent No.
603 Cooled Optical Light Guide for Low-level Light Detectors and Method of Temperature Stabilization for Imaging Detectors Published US 2013-0334408 A1 n/a
600 Method for Enhancing Umbilical Cord Blood Engraftment Published US-2013-0259825-A1 n/a
592 Plasma-Chlorinated Electrode and Organic Electronic Devices using the Same Issued US-2013-0240853-A1 8,698,135
560 Nanoclay-based solid sorbents for carbon dioxide capture Published US-2013-0121903-A1 n/a
558 Layered regenerable solid sorbent Issued US-2013-0078172-A1 “ US-2014-0127104-A1 8,658,561 8,889,589
553 Method for Inhibiting Osteoclast Development Published US-2013-0303621-A1 n/a
547 Systems and Methods of Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Gingival Tissue Diagnosis Published US-2013-0029293-A1 9,039,621
533 Bcl-based detection and fingerprinting of Bacillus anthracis Published US-2012-0123108-A1 n/a
524 A high-sensitivity tactile sensor (stress sensor) based on hybrid materials Issued US-2012-0187368-A1 8,710,611
508 Nanoparticle Aerosol Generator Issued US-2012-0091223-A1 8,881,997
503 New Surgical Instrument – DePond Clamp Published US-20120101518-A1 n/a
490 Compact Electromagnetic Plasma Ignition Device Published US-2011-0175691-A1 n/a
488 Two Stage Compression/Ignition Engine to Control HCCI Issued US-2011-0220041-A1 8,251,041
486 Inorganic solid electrolyte for Li-ion batteries Issued US-2011-0318650-A1 8,865,354
482 An mRNA expression-based prognostic gene signature for non-small cell lung cancer Published US-2011-0256545-A1 n/a
477 1,2,3-triazole based Metal-Organic-Frameworks as Photo-Active Materials Issued US-2011-0282071-A1 8,779,155
468 Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imager of Excised Tissue Specimens for Cancer Margins Definition Published US-2012-0101377-A1 n/a
467 Method for Obtaining Quantitative Structural and Chemical information from thin film structures during growth by characteristic x-ray emission from glancing-angle electron beams Issued US-2013-0216022-A1 8,513,603
461 1,2,3-triazole borane compound, synthesis and applications Issued US-2011-0245507-A1 8,026,373
419 Stimulus responsive fluidic dispersions of liquid crystal polymer rods Issued US-2009-0261815-A1  US-2013-0127477-A1 8,362,760
411 High Temperature Electrochemical Characterization of Molten Metal Corrosion Issued US-2009-0101522-A1 8,173,007
387 Gene signature for diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer and ovarian cancer Issued US-2009-0197259-A1 8,030,060
384 Method and apparatus for online flow control over the span of a high aspect ratio slot jet Issued US-2008-0245903-A1 7,563,322
349 Aquaculture Raceway with Waste Removal Section Issued US-2008-0173249-A1 7,690,330
338 Peptides and chemical compound for inhibition of SHP2 function Issued US-2008-0004215-A1 7,547,760
332 Method of Converting Animal Waste into a Multi-Phase fuel Issued US-2008-0271363-A1 7,753,969
263 Method for Data Clustering and Classification by a Graph Theory Model—Network Partition into High Density Sub-graphs Issued US-2006-0274062-A1 7,523,117
207 Method of Making Carbon Foam at Low Pressure Issued n/a; 
6,797,251 7,553,470
184 Pattern Detection Based on Fractal Analysis Published US-2008-0112623-A1  US-2008-0112624-A1  US-2008-0112633-A1 n/a
Method and Apparatus for Reducing Pollutants in Engine Exhaust
US-2006-0107654-A1 7,571,600
17 Method of Converting Agricultural Waste to Liquid Fuel Cell and Associated Apparatus Issued US-2003-0221361-A1 7,473,285
6 Contrawound Antenna Issued n/a 6,437,751