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Our Mission

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) assists in the fulfillment of the WVU’s land grant mission of education, research, and public service. The OTT exists to serve the faculty, staff, students, and administration of the University and the public by carrying out its mission to:

  • Encourage invention and innovation at WVU. Protect the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of WVU by patent, copyright, or other means. Transfer the results of WVU research to the public by bringing researchers and the business community together in a relationship of mutual advantage.
  • Generate income for future research and education.
  • Contribute to local, state, regional and national business competitiveness and economic development.

OTT’s Relationships To Organizations Within WVU

The OTT reports to Dr. Fred King, Vice President for Research, and its budget is funded by the WVU Research Corporation. Prior to July, 1999, IP protection and technology transfer activities were handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs. To put more emphasis and effort into this key and growing activity for WVU, the OTT was established in July, 1999 and Dr. George Harker was appointed the OTT’s first Director.

To be effective, the OTT must maintain cooperative, working relationships with the Office of Research and Economic Development, the Research Corporation, and the researchers and administrators of the many Centers and Departments across WVU.


WVU – Office of Technology Transfer

WVU acknowledges the importance of developing, protecting and transferring its IP in an appropriate and cost-effective manner, so as to maximize the value of the technology for the researchers, their department and college and to the overall WVU research effort. To achieve this, the OTT has been created and will:

  • Provide oversight and leadership of IP management and Technology Transfer functions to ensure adherence to WVU policies.
  • Assist all WVU Departments and Centers in understanding IP and Technology Transfer policies and procedures consistent with WVU’s policies.
  • Provide access to legal services and work closely with Departments and Centers in promoting and licensing IP.
  • Take appropriate actions to protect the University’s IP.
  • Explain the responsibilities of protecting the IP of others through the use of Non-disclosure Agreements and other confidentiality tools.

College, Department and Center Administrations

Responsibilities include:

Promote research, IP protection and technology transfer in a manner consistent with overall objectives and academic requirements. Work with the OTT to establish policies and procedures for technology transfer, and the avoidance of conflicts of interests, consistent with WVU policies. Review and approve all agreements that convey or affect the WVU’s rights to IP originating in their area and assure that all agreements are passed through the OTT.

Faculty, Staff and Researchers

Responsibilities include:

  • Read and understand, all IP and Technology Transfer policies and procedures.
  • Promptly disclose any ideas, research results, innovations, etc. that might be patentable and/or otherwise valuable to the appropriate department or center leadership and to the OTT.
  • Work with the OTT and its attorneys and agents in developing required documentation for any Disclosure of Invention, patent rights assignments, patent applications, agreements, etc.
  • Conduct any Technology Transfer activities in a manner consistent with WVU policies and procedures, including those governing conflicts of interests.
  • Cooperate with the OTT and its attorneys in defending and prosecuting patents and in any legal actions taken in response to infringement.